During the last few years the economic diplomacy of Belgrade has concluded a series of bilateral trade agreements intended to facilitate advancement and development of commerce between Serbia and all those countries that will decide to invest in the Country.



On one hand, these agreements from the customs profile point of view, and also thanks to the partnership program signed by the EU, enable Serbian goods to access EU markets duty-free. On the other hand, they allow a tax-free entrance in Russia of all those goods produced in Serbia that constitute 96% of the Harmonized Commodity description , enabling companies, which are producing in Serbia and exporting in Russia, to have the same privileges of the Countries that belong to the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) like Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Russia has promoted these particular agreements both because it has always considered Serbia as its major partner in Western Europe ( to which it is bound by a series of scientific agreements, economic in the energy sector and military for what concerned supplies and loans) and also because the interchange payment between the two countries is in favor of Russia.

This last agreement dating back to about 10 years ago, has been repeatedly renewed over the years with a gradual extension of the goods’ list that can enter duty-free provided that at least 51% of the product value has been produced in Serbia, on the base of a certificate of origin.

Tons of markets have benefit from this agreement like the furniture industry, where lots of producers could extend their production and consequently their trade exporting finished pieces of furniture in comparison to before when the only way to export to Russia was to export dismantled kit making them look like semi-finished wooden product.

The only exceptions concerning exports to Russia regarded the production of cars and means of transport (not components), compressors and vacuum pomp, cotton and cotton/synthetic fabric, TVs.

IFA Ltd has been in support of trades to Russia and CIS countries for more than 30 years sustaining industries that export to these destinations with well-advanced solutions to offer to its own clients.

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