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Circumnavigate Africa, passing the Cape of Good Hope, could become cheaper, given the new price increases for the passage of ships through the Suez Canal, expected to enter in force from May 1st 2013.

ICS (International Chamber of Shipping) notify it, noting that at the time, due to the large contingent difficulties, some shipowners would not be able to sustain the increases.
In particular, the rates would suffer increases of 3% for normal ships and 5% for tankers and gas carrier ships.

These assessments should be included in a context in which recently there have been increases in rates of 3% for the transition from Suez, and in which we must not forget the risk factors related to the route which is still exposed to attack from pirates and under the indirect effects of instability in Yemen.

Precisely because of these problems, the reflections that are making many shipowners are clear, so then they are turning their attention to possible alternatives addressing their fleets through the Cape of Good Hope.

Compared to projected increases in surcharge for transit via the Suez Canal, IFA has already begun to negotiate freight's reductions to the proposed fare increase so that does not impact too much on the cost of transporting goods to its customers.

IFA manages large volumes of reefer transport or individual shipments and shipments of different units with individual loading annually. A representative example is a shipment of N°35 40' High Cube Reefer containers, a total of 875 tons of frozen meat to Luanda, capital of Angola.

The approach to this type of shipment initially focused on research of the most reliable maritime carrier (shipping line) able to provide the quantitative equipment required for a single boarding (35 * 40 'hcrf), offering the requested transit time and freight conditions (sea freight) adequate for the shipment volume.
It was also essential to identify the ideal transporter to ensure accuracy and precision in meeting the deadlines required by Customs, the"SGS" officer and the official veterinarian at the time of loading at the factory.
Compliance with the load program ensured fluidity in the management of the entire organization process of the exporter avoiding porterage and extra goods handling costs.
All the above was organized and coordinated in order to meet the tight timescales of the negotiated credit documentation (loading subject to letter of credit). To this end the procedure for the issuance of Bills of Lading and other necessary documentation was undertaken well in advance of the traditional timescales.
The shipment of 875 tonnes of frozen meat with IFA seemed easy!

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IFA has been operating since 1982 in the field of international shipping has always been pursuing a business strategy that focuses on the development of the service the client's business.

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