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Infrastructure works are often accompanied by large investments, direct consequence of a medium and long term vision.

The Port of Rotterdam is an example if we consider the construction of Maasvlakte 2 project.

The goal was to expand the carrying capacity by increasing the area available at the entrance of the docks determining the leadeship of Rotterdam as the first gateway of Europe.

On September 1st 2008, the Mayor at the time Opstelten has given the green light for the construction of Maasvlakte 2, a mammoth project that will require the use of 240 million cubic meters of sand, allowing the construction of a dam of 3.5 km with 7 million tons of rock and 20,000 concrete blocks. The port now has an additional 700 acres.

Interesting is the provision of the timeline from the project website that makes available to monitor all the stages and milestones reached.

The choice of the right logistics partners and routes that guarantee in addition to cost even adequate levels of service to the needs of its customers has always been a key choice in the commercial strategy of IFA - International Forwarding Agent.

IFA for years makes exports and imports with a stopover or transit for the Port of Rotterdam constantly evaluating critical factors and transport conditions in order to provide the greatest competitive advantage to its customers.

The Triple E will debut this summer: they can carry 18,000 containers from the current 5,000. If they were loaded on a train, it should be 110 km long. The ships are as wide as a highway to six lanes, but lack the infrastructure to accommodate them.

They come into operation this summer. Their official name is Triple E, and “E” stands for “Economy, Energy efficient, Environmentally improved” so they can save money, energy and environment.

There is just a problem: they are so big that just few world’s ports can welcome them.

The commercial transportation by sea are adapting ports, with investments of hundreds of millions of Euros to prepare for these mammoths of the oceans premiered by the London Guardian.

They cannot pass through the Panama Canal. They will spend little from the Suez. So in the early days will only route from China to Europe, just few such as the British ports of Southampton are large enough and have deep enough water so that these giants can dock.

Other ports in northern Europe, such as Antwerp in Belgium, are planning extensive renovations to grow and be able to

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