Russia intends to start an ambitious development project in order to enforce its own status as a central member of the continental transports network: improving and strengthening connections between the Eastern and the European markets by investing in what is the core business of the Russian transports:THE RAILWAY



At the moment Russian railway transports still show the same weak points as the cost of the transport of cargo by rail (among the most expensive in the world) and the slowness of Custom Formality tht slow down cargos considerably.

To overcome these problems Russia has decided to invest 562 bilion rubles (approx. 18.7 billion dollars) in its most important routes: Trans-Siberian and Bajkal Amur.

The first one goes from Moscow to Vladivostok covering a distance of 9288 km and moving 52 milion tons of cargo per year, allowing the transit times from China to Finland to  be only 10 days compared to 28 of the marittime transport.

The second one covers a distance of 4323 km running parallel to the Trans-Siberian but few hundred kilometers northern that the other.

Among the first project of modernization of the railway to improve efficiency there's the construction of what is already called Bam 2, a second branch of the Bam line which will link Sakhalin Island to the mainland and later it will be extended to China adn Korea.

The goal is to bring the potential capacity of transport up to 165 milion tons per year, in solid Russia is looking to become a first class competitor in maritime services.

IFA having a well-established and proven competence also in the railway transport, makes delivery to and from Russian countries, the CIS and the Far East, acting as a reference partner for all clients who trade with Eastern countries and need to have the transport time reduced.


Clients and Services

IFA offers services that cover efficiently any need for transport by sea or by land, from machinery to complete 'hi-tech, from food to chemicals.


IFA has been operating since 1982 in the field of international shipping has always been pursuing a business strategy that focuses on the development of the service the client's business.

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