Australia is famous around the world for its natural sights, for its fauna, but also because it’s one of the biggest exporters of wines.

The Australian wine industry is made up of almost 1465 wineries situated mainly in the South-Est: Victoria, South Australia and New south Wales (that alone cover for 96.5% of the total wine production).



The Australian wine is a very appreciated product abroad, especially for its strong points, such as:

-          Innovative technologies (allow to obtain a high level quality at moderate costs)

-          The quality and ability of the highly skilled labor force

-          The characteristics of the Australian territory that provide a good combination of sun exposure and ground quality, in addition to a considerable variety of climate zones

Over the last few years, Australian wine exports have reached a record level of 643,2 million liters. And, although, there’s a recession and the exports have encountered a drop to nations such as China and England, the mean value of the exports has increased.

In fact, the mean value of exports to the US has grown during the last year of 15%, as well as the amount of products export in the rest of the world have grown of 6% recording a slight increase in the first six months of the year in comparison the previous year.

The main Australian wine-producing regions are:

-          South Australia (represent 70% of the wines with 17 wine regions and over 250 cellars),

-          Barossa Valley (famous for its Cabernet Sauvignon, its Grenache, its Samillion, its Chardonnay, its Viognere and its Shiraz),

-          New South Wales (with 13 wine-producing regions),

-          Clare Valley (famous for its Australian Riesling),

-          McLaren Valley (with 65 wineries and over 250 independent winemakers)

-          Yarra Valley (famous for the production of the Pinot Noir and of the sparkling wine).

Thanks to the quality of its products Australia today is one of the major exporters of wine overseas to the point of being able to keep up with France and Italy.


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