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China intends to apply anti-dumping duties (pricing system adopted to prevent third parties to conquer or dominate a market by removing foreign firms or groups of competitors) to all European wines.

In this regard Vinitaly (National Italian activity promoter of Italian wine in the world) has organized a Task Force in China with local operators, opinion leaders and the media, to analyze and deepen this Chinese anti-dumping maneuver, in order to allow to the European firms to continue to grow and export in China.

Obviously, the Italian producers are very concerned about the launch of a survey by China against wines from Europe, whereas in 2012 the EU wine exports to China totaled 763 million euro, of which 77 are from 'Italy, and considering that since 2008 the value of exports to China have risen from 19 million to 77 million euro, ISTAT trend statistics are confirming this for the first 2 months of this year: +42%

The transport of food products are counted among one of the many services that IFA - International Forwarding offers its customers both in import and export.

The characteristics of each food are specific and depend on a significant number of factors: origin, destination, season of the year, the specific type of merchandise. The case of the wine is definitely emblematic for the complexity of factors that influence the characteristics in the case where the transport is not operated in a proper manner.

Aside from the sommelier insights, what IFA can guarantee to you is the experience gained through shipments made in recent years to target the Far East.

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IFA manages large volumes of reefer transport or individual shipments and shipments of different units with individual loading annually. A representative example is a shipment of N°35 40' High Cube Reefer containers, a total of 875 tons of frozen meat to Luanda, capital of Angola.

The approach to this type of shipment initially focused on research of the most reliable maritime carrier (shipping line) able to provide the quantitative equipment required for a single boarding (35 * 40 'hcrf), offering the requested transit time and freight conditions (sea freight) adequate for the shipment volume.
It was also essential to identify the ideal transporter to ensure accuracy and precision in meeting the deadlines required by Customs, the"SGS" officer and the official veterinarian at the time of loading at the factory.
Compliance with the load program ensured fluidity in the management of the entire organization process of the exporter avoiding porterage and extra goods handling costs.
All the above was organized and coordinated in order to meet the tight timescales of the negotiated credit documentation (loading subject to letter of credit). To this end the procedure for the issuance of Bills of Lading and other necessary documentation was undertaken well in advance of the traditional timescales.
The shipment of 875 tonnes of frozen meat with IFA seemed easy!

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Sea transport of lime fruit requires a transport solution with temperature controlled containers suitable for foodstuffs so that their properties and quality are maintained.
IFA handles at least one reefer container import per week with a total of about 15,000 kg of limes each time.

When the containers are offloaded readiness is essential in order to coordinate customs operations in the shortest possible time and to organize subsequent collection and delivery of the reefer container to destination using temperature controlled vehicles which maintain the required temperature inside the container until delivery. Even the choice of the qualified transporter is therefore crucial.

In recent years the demand for exotic products from Italian Wholesalers has been gradually increasing. IFA has responded to this increase in demand through the selection of a South American agent whom it supports locally allowing it to manage shipments and deliver exotic fruit to the Italian market and beyond.

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The Russians like "Makarony", we know!

IFA has managed consolidated traffic for over 10 years for the Russian market carrying not less than 250 tons of pasta per week which are delivered to major Russian wholesalers.

The requirement of both the retailer and the consumer is to have a product on the shelves intact in all its organoleptic qualities and on time.
Therefore, in order to export the pasta, four maritime shipping companies, who have shown the greatest ability in meeting the transportation requirements such as a fleet of appropriate equipment with certain and regular timescales, have been selected. The volume of traffic per shipment/loading is then shared between them, coordinating the weekly rotations according to the customer's delivery requirements.

The skill of IFA is to make difficult supply chain management simple for its Clients.

Clients and Services

IFA offers services that cover efficiently any need for transport by sea or by land, from machinery to complete 'hi-tech, from food to chemicals.


IFA has been operating since 1982 in the field of international shipping has always been pursuing a business strategy that focuses on the development of the service the client's business.

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