Destinations and sectors

IFA offers services able to cover efficiently any transport needs for all types of goods, from complete machinery (standard or non-standard shapes/sizes) to hi-tech, and from foodstuffs to chemicals.
In this section we present some transport services undertaken for our customers.

The Kiel Canal (Nord-Ostsee-Kanal - NOK) is a 98 km long channel that links the North Sea (Brunsbüttel) to the Baltic Sea (Kiel-Holtenau).An average of 280 nautical miles (460 km) is saved by using the…
Kazakhstan, Morocco, Ukraine, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, Turkey, Qatar, Vietnam and Jordan are the nations that grow better in the trades. The top ten has as its source an authoritative report just published. The BRIC countries…
For IFA customer satisfaction is essential, even when the demands made are far from trivial: send six crates of about 45 tons each 17mt in length, 2.39mt in width and 3.04mt in height to be…

Clients and Services

IFA offers services that cover efficiently any need for transport by sea or by land, from machinery to complete 'hi-tech, from food to chemicals.


IFA has been operating since 1982 in the field of international shipping has always been pursuing a business strategy that focuses on the development of the service the client's business.

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