For IFA customer satisfaction is essential, even when the demands made are far from trivial: send six crates of about 45 tons each 17mt in length, 2.39mt in width and 3.04mt in height to be delivered at the same time as 10 X 40-ft containers loaded with spare parts all of which needed to travel and arrive in Murmansk, more than 4,500 km from Italy.

Delivery time to destination was set by the customer at 20/25 days.
The solution chosen for economy and reliability, regardless of the time of year, was the railway.

After informing the representatives of the Italian and foreign railways of the sizes of the load a train, specifically dedicated for this transport, was made available.
At the Ukrainian border (where the goods were transshipped from European wagons to Russian wagons) a train carriage was added to carry the escort personnel up to the final destination.

IFA focused on the need to speed up transport and transit, whilst ensuring a problem free journey effecting the delivery of the goods documentation directly to the receiver.

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