Once decided the profit of the goods depending on Incoterms  and then set transport conditions, IFA has looked first for a marine carrier more reliable and which can provide the quantity of equipment (in this case: number of containers) needed for a single shipment (15 * 40' HCRF), offering the required transit times and affreightment conditions (sea freight) suitable for the volume of shipment concerned.
Taking into consideration the preparation’s demands of goods meeting tight deadlines, it has been identified the suitable carrier to ensure punctuality and precision in meeting the required deadlines requested from the heath officer who is present during the load. The carrier was also asked to be able to transport safely the 15*40 HCRF.
Moreover, the most reliable customs operator was chosen so that the customs clearance operations would be carried out with caution and precision just in time for the customs closing at the boarding.

The precise organization of the supply chain has ensured the observance of load times provided by the client avoiding porterage and extra cargo movement expenses, export detention  and export demurrage  expenses , in addition to the cost of connection to the columns in the port.

The perfect observance of deadlines and of the right issue of BL was indispensable in order to guarantee the proper negotiation of the letter of credit.
Moreover, IFA has made sure of the container's progression from the unload port to the collector's warehouse coordinating the different appointed roles given to IFA in Russia, customs operators and carrier offering, in this way, a dedicated monitoring for the delivery of goods until the establishment of the receiver.
The shipment of 15 reefer containers of foodstuff, thanks to the experience and ability of IFA, has been a success.
Organize and manage optimizing resources and deadlines in the better way possible is the MISSION of IFA


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