Organizing shipments of industrial plants and machinery over long distances must always be weighed against the costs of transport methods and the degree of security that is necessary to ensure delivery of the goods without any damage and in the timescales required.
Five crates of machinery, some exceptionally large, to be sent a distance of 10,000 km falls into this type of transport complexity.

In these cases the railway represents a valid solution.
The destination of Krasnojarsk can be reached from Italy by conventional truck in about 15 days (longer during the winter). By rail it takes 30 days, however this time is ensured throughout the whole year allowing you to manage, even during the most climatically difficult conditions, shipments of oversized goods where other modes of transport could have considerable difficulties.

Critical success factors that were considered and which allowed delivery to destination without any problems were:

  • Selection of the most suitable type of wagon for the type of load
  • Thorough study of weight distribution inside the wagon
  • The professionalism of everyone involved, including those staff who assumed responsibility for securing the goods according to the specifications required by the railways of the various countries of transit.

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