In Russia after many decades has ended the state monopoly in the railway sector: the market has been opened to private operators.

Today, it is divided among more than 2000 companies that operate in a market which constitutes 85% of trade flows across the country. 

This situation, in recent years, has led many Russian companies to pursue the logic of consolidation through mergers and acquisitions, taking advantage of the processes of privatization by the Russian railways.

Among the largest companies brand names like Universal Cargo, the leading global private sector, with approximately 200,000 cars handled, followed by 65,000's Globaltrans, and Nts with 57,000 carriages.

Although there have been large investments and the market is significant in terms of turnover, the market outlook in relation to rail are getting worse.

The main reasons seem to be a part of the over-load capacity, (which is generating a significant price volatility), the other a volume growth rather unstable, which is a reflection of the global recession on the Russian economy.

These factors are leading to great instability prevalent in the railway sector in Russia; a figure out of all: the collapse of the tariffs for the transportation of special materials have fallen by 50% over last year.

IFA - International Forwarding Agent for years is also active in the Russian market and in particular in the rail sector offering its clients services of freight carriage and wagon conventional.
From the shipment of tiles, through the food until shipment of complete plants also out of gauge, IFA is there for you! 





Clients and Services

IFA offers services that cover efficiently any need for transport by sea or by land, from machinery to complete 'hi-tech, from food to chemicals.


IFA has been operating since 1982 in the field of international shipping has always been pursuing a business strategy that focuses on the development of the service the client's business.

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